[GemStone-Smalltalk] Error with netldi, the connection to the repository is never made and the port becomes blocked

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Tue Mar 21 12:53:29 PDT 2017


I'm having some troubles to connect to my repository.
First of nothing I want to describe my current environment:

I have two machines under my administration in the company for which I'm
currently working.
Both of these are desinated for my diary work, one of these machine is
running CentOS and the other one is my notebook with Windows 7.

Due to that I have administrator rights over both machines and because I
was interested on test Gemstone, I Have installed Gemstone on the linux
machine (from now, I will call it "ML") and Jade in my Windows machine
(from now, I will call it "MW").

The problem Is that now I cannot connect to my repository from MW while I'm
connected to my company's LAN using network wire, but the connection is
succesful If I connect MW to my company's network using a VPN client.
Both, wire and VPN are the same network.

All connections from VPN are succesfull, but if I try to connect using
network wire the session is never

The port is not closed and there is not firewall in the network (I have
asked yet) nor in ML.
I tried everything that came to my mind and I could not solve this problem.

In one of my tests I've started netldi in debug mode (using option -d) in
order to have some additional information in the log file.

And I noted something strange:

If I try to connect using network wire, netldi only log the line:

"Attempting accept.."

And never log anything again.

After that the port seems to be blocked because I can't connect to my
repository neither using VPN.

If I want to connect using VPN y have to stop and restart netldi again.

If you need additional info please ask me.

Kind Regards

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