[GemStone-Smalltalk] Starting a repository fails after shutdown of server.

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Fri Sep 22 12:23:16 PDT 2017


I'm having an extrange error while tryng to start a repository.

Here is the important part of "repository.log":
    Now starting GemStone monitor.

Write to /proc/6578/oom_score_adj failed with EACCES , linux user does not
No server process protection from OOM killer

|     SESSION CONFIGURATION: The maximum number of concurrent sessions is
40. |

    Attaching the Shared Cache using Stone name: Newstone

WARNING: CONCURRENCY_MODE is not a known GemStone option.
    Started free frame page server, processId 6587
    Successfully started 1 free frame page servers.

    Summary of Configured Transaction Logs
      Directory   0:
        configured name $repositoryDir/tranlogs
        expanded name /mnt/disk3/New/tranlogs/
        configuredSize 100 MB
      Directory   1:
        configured name $repositoryDir/tranlogs
        expanded name /mnt/disk3/New/tranlogs/
        configuredSize 100 MB
    Started AIO page server, processId 6590

--- 09/21/17 11:54:22 -03 ---
    Extent #0
    Filename = !#dbf!/mnt/disk3/New/data/extent_01.dbf
    Maximum size = NONE
    File size = 70 Mbytes = 4480 pages
    Space available = 48 Mbytes = 3109 pages

    Repository Size = 70 Mbytes = 4480 pages
    Free Space = 48 Mbytes = 3109 pages
    In extent 0, maxSize is inconsistent.

    Repository was not shutdown cleanly, recovery needed.
    Starting recovery of extent sizes
    changing the maximum size from UNLIMITED MB to 3500 MB for extent:
      !#dbf!/mnt/disk3/New/data/extent_01.dbf    Finished recovery of extent
size changes

    Repository startup statistics:
        Pages Need Reclaiming =1
        Free Oops=9144
        Oop Number High Water Mark=130800
        Possible Dead Objects=0
        Dead Objects=0
        Epoch Transaction Count=0
        Epoch New Objects Union=0
        Epoch Written Objects Union=0
        Epoch DependencyMap Objects Union=0

    Repository startup is from checkpoint = (fileId 0, blockId 32305)

   SearchForMostRecentLog did not find any tranlogs

 :: (wildcard) found in listening addresses, ignoring other addresses
created listening socket for :: on :: port 39755

    Opened page manager thread log

    Creating a new transaction log.
       directoryId 0, fileId 1,
       filename = /mnt/disk3/New/tranlogs/tranlog1.dbf

--- 09/21/17 11:54:24 -03 ---
    Starting AF_INET reconnect to AIO pgsvrs
AioServerReconnect pgsvrPid 6590 old fd 12 new fd -1
reconnect failed(B) for AIO pgsvr pid 6590

--- 09/21/17 11:56:25 -03 ---
RDbfAioServersReconnect failed

    Terminating stone.

As I understand, the problem is related to de page server manager, but I
tried with different configurations on the machine but couldn't resolve this

This problem started recently, after shutdown of the machine.

I am pretty sure that there is some configuration that I'm missing, but I
didn't find the problem yet.

The OS is Linux CentOS 6 and I'm using gemstone

Could you help me please? Which configurations should i check? 

Thanks in advance!


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