[GemStone-Smalltalk] Problem to connect repository running on VirtualBox machine

brianstone brianaciarezequiel at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 11:28:24 PDT 2019

Hello everyone,
I was trying to setup a local environment with Gemstone running on a Virtual
Box Machine  with Linux, and connect to it from host machine running
Windows, but unfortunately i'm struggling to make it work.
I succesfully installed GS but When I try to connect to my DB using Jade, it
doesn't connect to netldi.
>From the Netldi log, it doesn't seems to being receiving the connection
attempt.But I noticed something strange: it displays this message at the
>From that message looks like other process is already using that port, but
that is not true.I tested it with command netstat -tulpn | grep netldid
Before starting netldi it shows no results. After I've started it it shows
tcp6       0      0 :::50387                :::*                    LISTEN     
I've installed CENTOS 7 and Gemstone 3.4.3 on the VM
The host machine is running Windows 7
Jade version is 2.3.9
I've opened port for Netldi on server
forwarded ports on VM are:
Parameters set in Jade:
Sorry for all the content but i think it might give you a better perspective
of what could be possible happening.Thank you in advance!

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