[GemStone-Smalltalk] newbie question

emeka okafor emeka_1978 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 29 04:56:26 PDT 2020

I am a newbie that is trying to leave the java/scala world and switch to smalltalk. so bear with me.

I installed GsDevKit_home and tode without issue.I can start tode and testLogin, but it fails with the following trace:

Error running testLogin:
    The gci library 'libgcirpc-3.4.3-32' for GemStone version '3.4.3'
    was not found in the expected location '/media/smalltalk/GsDevKit_home/dev/clients/tode3/pharo-vm/'.
    Please double check that the GemStone version is correct.
    It may be necessary to download a copy of 'libgcirpc-3.4.3-32' for
    Linux. Use `$GS_HOME/bin/downloadGemStone 3.4.3`.

here is the content of the pharo-vm:

ls /media/smalltalk/GsDevKit_home/dev/clients/tode3/pharo-vm/
libB3DAcceleratorPlugin.so  libgcits-3.4.3-32.so         libRePlugin.so        pharo             vm-sound-null
libfloss-3.4.3-32.so        libgit2.so.0.20.0            libSqueakFFIPrims.so  PharoV30.sources
libFT2Plugin.so             libInternetConfigPlugin.so   libSqueakSSL.so       vm-display-null
libgbjgci313-3.4.3-32.so    libJPEGReaderPlugin.so       libssh2.so.1.0.1      vm-display-X11
libgcirpc-3.4.3-32.so       libJPEGReadWriter2Plugin.so  __MACOSX              vm-sound-ALSA

As you can see, the is in there: libgcirpc-3.4.3-32.so

Any idea?
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