[GemStone-Smalltalk] GemStone on Alma Linux ?

Johan Brichau johan at yesplan.be
Mon Sep 19 10:06:11 PDT 2022

Hi all,

Is anybody using Alma Linux (https://almalinux.org/ <https://almalinux.org/>) to run GemStone/S 64 bit?

We are a long-time user of CentOS, happily running GemStone/S 64 3.4.5 on it now, but with CentOS 7.9 being end of life in April 2024, we are looking at alternatives together with our hosting provider.
Our hosting provider normally supports Debian Linux, which is quite different from CentOS, but they are now also proposing Alma Linux for all CentOS users, like we are at Yesplan.

After a couple of days, we already had all our current Ansible playbooks for server management converted for Alma Linux. 
Moreover, GemStone/S 3.4.5 seems to run fine on this distribution at first sight. 

I know this distribution is not in the GemStone compatibility table. Though, Alma Linux does say it is binary compatible with RedHat.
Maybe a long shot but I have to ask: is there any chance of evaluating Alma Linux for the compatibility table and/or some things to execute (other than running our setup) to find any issues myself?

Thanks for any thoughts and answers!
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