[GemStone-Smalltalk] Patch for GBS 8.7.1 when connecting with large number of connectors

David Shaffer shaffer at shaffer-consulting.com
Mon Apr 29 11:48:22 PDT 2024

Just started using VW9.4 and GBS 8.7.1 and ran into the following bug:


builds a string by passing the connectors list to CstMessageDispatcher>>print:with:.  Ultimately this results in sending Array>>printOn: which truncates large arrays after printing 5000 characters adding ‘…etc…’ which causes GemStone compilation errors.  The patch is to simply add the following method:

Array>>cstArgumentPrintOn: aStream 
	"Append to the argument, aStream, the elements of the Array 
	enclosed by parentheses, without truncation."

	aStream nextPutAll: '#('.
	self do: [:element | 
			element printOn: aStream]
		separatedBy: [aStream space].
	aStream nextPut: $)

Note that his bug could have existed before 8.7.1 because I feel like this is at least the second time I’ve patched it (sorry for not reporting earlier!).



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