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I'm back :)

I have made some test based on your post...

>Welcome to GemStone. 
Thnks! I'm happy I can finally try it.

>First, as to configuring the Shared Page Cache (SCP), the rule is simple:
>get the most that you can afford (up to slightly more than the repository
>size). With the free license the maximum size is 2 GB, but that should be
>pretty good for your database.
OK, so I change (in testing) the /etc/sysctl.conf file like this according
to 2GB free license limit
kernel.shmmax = 1610612736
kernel.shmall = 393216

I assume I must not change SHR_PAGE_CACHE_SIZE_KB parameter because is the
extent page chache size, actually is 128000

>The free license does not have a limit on the database size, so you can
>keep growing.

>The #'fullBackupCompressedTo' method does an object-by-object backup that
>is not identical to the extent0.dbf file in layout (it has all the objects,
>but is typically more compact since the extents can have free space). The
>alternative is to suspend checkpoints, copy the extent(s), and resume
>checkpoints. That will give you an extent backup that can be used directly
>as a repository. Unless you have reason to prefer the extent-file-copy
>approach, I suggest you stick with the existing backup (and practice a
>restore occasionally).
Ok, I prefer the object-by-object backup approach. 
One question: When I make a #fullBackupCompressedTo, I can restore with the
Gemstools "restore w/o tranlog" option? Or how can I make a restore from a
compress database (I prefer the command line, but any help is ok)

>Often one will choose to start a new transaction log just before taking a
>backup. Then you don't have to wonder which transaction logs are needed to
>go with a particular backup. I have seen scripts that delete transaction
>logs that are older than the oldest backup that you would use for disaster
>recovery (and you typically keep at least two backups).
Ok, thats great. If I make a good backup I have no worry about tranlogs.

>Strategies for making reports faster typically involve indexes and/or
>clustering. You can read about them in the programming guide.
Ok, I began reading about it. So next I'm going to check is this.

>Keep asking questions and let us help you get the system running smoothly.
>Of course, at some point I might suggest you pay for consulting and/or a
>license to have a larger Shared Page Cache. ;-)
Yes of course! I assume that's the reason I'm not gain more performance with
more RAM (maybe the only thing is with a SSD disk). 
I think is more convenient to pay for consulting here, because is more
bourocratic to get money for licenses... I'm going to send you a private
email for this.


On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 4:12 PM, <leo@> wrote:

> Hi all!
> Recently I have began to work with GLASS, I have experience working with
> smalltalk but no experience working with Gemstone & Linux, so be patient
> with me :)
> My client already have a GLASS system working on production enviroment,
> but with some performance problems when they perform large reports, so I
> plan a strategy of 3 stages:
> 1) Review the hardware
> 2) Review the Server & Gemstone configuration
> 3) Review the code
> The first issue, the hardware, already check and I think its ok for a 15GB
> repository and only 10 concurrent users. Is composed of a
> -#HP ProLiant ML350 G5
> -#8 CPU Cores (Intel Xeon E5405 @ 2Ghz)
> -#8 GB RAM
> -#3 146GB disks in RAID 5 (for storage) (bay 1-2-3)
> The only thing here that I read in some post is changing the disk drives
> to SSD but is not a quick decision here where I am :)
> The second one, is where actually I am. I change the host SO, I mounted a
> VMWare ESXi and then mounted a GemStone/S 64 Bit in a VMware Appliance to
> it. Then I added a 2 more spindles for the repository and the tranlogs and
> also increase the swap partition (see image attached).
> Questions:
> -My repository size & concurrent users dont fit to pre-Selected
> configuration (repository size is for a Medium conf and users fit with
> Small one), so what is a recommended main variables for the config file
> according to my repository values?
> -*Repository size*: My repository is 15 GB, I read somewhere that 16 GB
> is a limit. Why is that? Is recommended in these case to split in 2
> repositories?
> -*Estimating Shared Page Cache issue*: I read here:
> http://programminggems.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/configuring-shared-memory/
> and
> then read also the Gemstone installation guide documentation (
> http://community.gemstone.com/download/attachments/6816862/GS64-InstallGuide-Linux-3.1.pdf),
> but the calculation are different, so Im confused about it. What are the
> things I have to consider to properly configure shred parge cache?
> -*Cleanup scripts*: I read here to automate a cleanup scrip, but also I
> find differents approach with others scripts:
> a) The backup make with #fullBackupCompressedTo: make a gzip file that
> when decompress have no extension (is a extent.dbf copy no?). The other
> approach tell my to make a direct copy of the extent (cp command).
> b) The tranlog clean up script is cheking the files datetime but in other
> post (http://forum.world.st/Translog-space-problem-td2403379.html) I read
> about the #oldestLogFileIdForRecovery that tell me the oldest tranlog
> needed for a recovery, is more convenient to make a script with that info?
> Thnks in advance!
> Leo
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