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I'd caution against premature optimization ... if you can identify/characterize a particular performance issue then it's worth going after it ... 

one of the things with GemStone is that the gc for temporary objects can be VERY efficient as long as you can keep the number of temp objects low ... so a cache of temporary objects could end up causing things to run slower due to increased temp obj pressure... so it's not a given that creating a lot of temps will kill your performance because it might be the case where gc sweeps them up before they create a problem ... 

When your entire image is scanned for gc, then it might be more of an issue, but the vm gc tradeoffs are slightly different because large chunks of your object graph are likely to be on disk ... 


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| Hi!

| I need to offer access to CSV formated data via a REST interface.

| Is there any best practice and or anti pattern to sort / merge /
| group the data which is held in different keyed collections and/or
| collections before I write the data onto a stream?
| Right now I use a modified NeoCSV to read and write data. I added a
| CanonStringDict instance variable to the Reader to prevent
| unneccessary String instance duplication.

| I am thinking of memory or processing time issues.

| Thanks
| Sebastian

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