[Glass] GC causing system reboot?

Dale K. Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
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By default the maintenance vm runs an mfc once an hour, so if you haven't changed the frequncy for that I'm not sure what the "once a day job would be". The MFC's should show up in your maintenance vm log .... from your description a backup or mfc could cause "sluggishness" on a machine if the repository exceeds the size of your SPC by a significant margin ... Nothing GemStone does should cause a system to reboot, however, if you start running low on real memory (how much swap space do you nave allocated) linux will start killing processes that are memory hogs and perhaps it killed a process that resulted in a reboot? 


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| Hi guys,

| Today morning I found out that my server was restarted automatically
| at 6:54 am. I was weird, since it was an unexpected restart. I tried
| to find the cause and I didn't find anything from the OS itself nor
| from VirtualBox logs (yes, the Linux runs over a VirtualBox
| machine).

| Then I started to take a look to see if GemStone could have been the
| cause...and indeed, there might be something related. Look at the
| logs (and the timestamps):

| seaside_20477admingcgem.log shows:

| --- 12/19/2013 06:08:21 .317 EST ---
| [Info]: Successfully acquired GC lockKind 6 on attempt 1.
| Starting SweepWsUnion, WSU size=18 PD size=7

| seaside_20475reclaimgcgem0.log shows:

| 12/19/2013 06:19 :51 EST
| 1 reclaims 40 pagesProcessed 40 pagesReclaimed 2 allValidPages 38
| singleObjPages
| 60 processedObjs 21 liveObjs 39 shadowObjs 0 deadObjs 1.5
| avgObjsPerPa

| All 3 fastcgi logs have several lines like:

| --transcript--'handled sigabort:
| 2013-12-19T03:46:52.31182599067688-08:00'

| Here I think the difference in the time is that the previous ones
| were the server local time while in this one is the default timezone
| I have in GemStone (could that be it?).

| Finally, maintenance_gem.log has modification timestamp at 6:52 but
| no meaningful entry. It has plenty of entries like this:

| Unregistering...2013-12-19T03:52:42.86958003044128-08:00
| ...Expired: 0 sessions.

| (again, different timestampt, but maybe the difference I mention
| above).

| And at 6:54 (2 minutes after timestamp of mainenance_gem.log), the
| system was rebooted. So....is there anything particular strange
| here?
| I have the same setup in my machine (OSX) and I notice that every day
| at some point, a topaz process starts to run in my machine and takes
| 100% of CPU. It literally kills my machine, I mean, I cannot do
| anything else. And the process takes quite a while. I GUESS that is
| the GC running. So maybe the GC was simply trying to run in my
| server and the fact of being CPU intensive put it down? mmmmm

| Thanks in advance for any help,

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| Mariano
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