[Glass] FFI [ WAS ] Re: ODBC to GemStone and ODBC from GemStone

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 13:53:03 PDT 2013

On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 12:59 PM, Otto Behrens <otto at finworks.biz> wrote:

> Hi,
> Yes, we wrote an interface for Sybase's ctlib using the GS 3 FFI. It
> worked, but never went live.
> So, in principle, if you have a C library for your relational DB,
> using the FFI works.

Thanks Otto. Yes, I thought the same. Being one of the developers of
OpenDBXDriver (from DBXSuite), I guess it should not be difficult to port
it to GemStone if you know a bit about GemStone. All the OpenDBX function
calls are together in a Platform class in which we have PharoPlatform as
default...but we could easily create a subclass and use GemStone FFI.

Do you know if GemStone 64bits FFI supports 64 bits libraries? and 32 bits?

Anyway...we should be careful about locking the VM... In Pharo they are
sync (the lock the whole VM), in VW you can choose (you have both). In
GemStone 3.0 Dale told me:
*"the FFI calls are blocking calls, so the pattern one would want to follow
when consider using long running FFI calls is to isolate those long running
calls in a separate vm similar to the approach that we're using with the
Service VM[1] ...*
*[1] http://code.google.com/p/glassdb/wiki/ServiceVMExample " \*


> Cheers
> Otto
> On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 3:37 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck
> <marianopeck at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> >
> > I remember a presentation about GemStone status and future in which you
> > mention ODBC. At that moment I was interested about it and I asked. It
> was
> > supposed to be included in some version of GemStone. This "ODBC" you were
> > talking about was NOT an ODBC client as I imagined, but the other way
> > around: that any ODBC client from any language could query GemStone. So
> > first question, was this released? what is the satus?
> >
> > Say I want to build some reports using Java (JasperReports or whatever)
> > would I need "GemBuilder for java"?  Seems a bit overkill to me since it
> is
> > not a whole client/server application. That's why I was asking about
> > Of course, there could be other workarounds but just wondering.
> >
> > Finally, I guess there is no generic ODBC client for GemStone right, so
> the
> > only relational DB I can connect right now is Oracle (with GemConnect
> > product)? Has anyway workarounded the scenario where you had to interact
> > with another relational DB than Oracle?
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> >
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