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On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 4:30 PM, James Foster <
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> Hi Mariano,
> The question of an ODBC interface for GemStone/S comes up periodically and
> is a particular interest of mine. It turns out that the hard part is not
> the Windows ODBC stuff (I've got a proof-of-concept that works with Excel,
> Access, etc. and sends queries to GemStone/S through the GCI library). The
> difficult part is translating SQL to Smalltalk and mapping heterogeneous
> collections of objects into something that looks like a fixed-schema table
> with homogenous rows of similar and simple columns (i.e., not complex
> objects). My proof-of-concept used a very simple schema and only supported
> enough SQL for the limited demo.
Indeed, I understand. Probably it doesn't help much but could could see how
Glorp does such mapping. It is not the same case because Glorp has
descriptions of the classes regarding the database structure so it is
easier to figure out the SQL. But anyway...maybe you get out an idea from
mmmm now that I think, I think Glorp mapping is the other way around: from
a smalltalk query, get out the SQL. Here is to get the smalltalk expression
out of the SQL. At least there was a petit parser for SQL ;)

> The primary question is whether there would be commercial demand for an
> ODBC solution that would cover the cost of development (rough estimate of
> many person-months to get basic functionality, a few person-years to get
> something really polished).

Indeed. BTW, does GemStone offer a kind of out of the box solution to
provide web-services?

> The approach I've typically taken and seen is to export a CSV file
> (comma-separated-values) from GemStone/S and let Excel handle things from
> there.
yes, this is exactly what I was thinking for my particular case: let
gemstone perform all the queries/reports/logic and let a simple csv with
the result. Then JasperReport/Excel or whatever reads it and does what he

Thanks James for you answer.

> James
> On Oct 1, 2013, at 6:37 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck <marianopeck at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I remember a presentation about GemStone status and future in which you
> mention ODBC. At that moment I was interested about it and I asked. It was
> supposed to be included in some version of GemStone. This "ODBC" you were
> talking about was NOT an ODBC client as I imagined, but the other way
> around: that any ODBC client from any language could query GemStone. So
> first question, was this released? what is the satus?
> Say I want to build some reports using Java (JasperReports or whatever)
> would I need "GemBuilder for java"?  Seems a bit overkill to me since it is
> not a whole client/server application. That's why I was asking about ODBC.
> Of course, there could be other workarounds but just wondering.
> Finally, I guess there is no generic ODBC client for GemStone right, so
> the only relational DB I can connect right now is Oracle (with GemConnect
> product)? Has anyway workarounded the scenario where you had to interact
> with another relational DB than Oracle?
> Thanks in advance,
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