[Glass] Problem starting GemStone from OSX app

James Foster James.Foster at GemTalkSystems.com
Wed Oct 2 17:26:50 PDT 2013

Hi Bruno,

Okay. This was helpful. It appears that you have a stone running (named 'seaside') that was started as root. I assume that this was started outside GemStone.app. Is that correct? If so then I think I know what is going on. When GemStone.app tries to start a stone it ensures that there is enough shared memory for the stone it is about to start. It does not look to see if anyone else is already using the allowed shared memory. If someone else is already using it then we will get exactly the error you see.

I'm right now in the process of testing a new build that just changes the OS configuration to say that all memory could be used for shared memory. This should address things (as long as you don't run too many stones or make them too large!).

To test this you might stop the root-based stone or try a new stone with a very small SPC. 

Also, what do you get from 'sysctl -a | grep kern.sysv.shm'? We are particularly interested in shmmax and shmall. Then, what do you get from 'ipcs -a'?


On Oct 2, 2013, at 5:13 PM, BrunoBB <smalltalk at adinet.com.uy> wrote:

> Hi James,
> I'm trying to connect to GemStone with Jade but i have a similar problem.
> GemStone: Error         Fatal
> Unable to attach to shared cache,   GemStone could not retrieve the
> IPC identifier associated with the memory
>  key -1006564228.  shmget() error = errno=13,EACCES, Authorization
> failure (permission denied).
> Error Category: 231169 [GemStone] Number: 4139  Arg Count: 1 Context : 20
> exception : 20
> Arg 1:   20
> GemStone Processes
> [tom at localhost root]$ gslist -lcv
> Status   Version    Owner    Pid   Port   Started     Type       Name
> ------- --------- --------- ----- ----- ------------ ------      ----
>  OK   root       2611 37299 Oct 03 02:10 cache      
> seaside~4ff945e75c23133b
>  OK   tom        2682 50377 Oct 03 02:10 Netldi      gs64ldi
>  OK   root       2609 50458 Oct 03 02:10 Stone       seaside
> Still trying
> regards,
> bruno
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