[Glass] Where to host for tests

Sebastian Heidbrink sebastian_heidbrink at yahoo.de
Wed Apr 9 08:03:55 PDT 2014


Finally I reached the stage of testing and I am jsut doing research on 
the available hosting opportunities.

My system is absed on Zinc and a HTTP interface where clients currently 
store and retrieve data from and will soon also trigger pre-calculations 
on the server based on the data stored.
I'll need the posibillity to let users upload bigger data files of up to 

Foremost the hosting plattform shall give me a chance to collect 
experience in installing, configuring, maintaining and monitoring a 
Gemstone/Web DB remotely.

A server in Europe is prefered but not vital.

Where do you host your gemstone installations?

Thanks for any advice, hint or feedback!


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