[Glass] Some 'minor' things

Dario Trussardi via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Mon Dec 1 08:12:29 PST 2014


	i found some 'minor' things and i don't know as management ( report to the list ? ).

	I report in this e-mail for understand how to behave.

	1)  10 at 5  *2    	answer 	20 at 10

		but 		2* ( 10 at 5 )  		answer 	 a MessageNotUnderstood occurred (error 2010), a Point does not understand  #'_generality' 

	2) The class 		Time 		don't implementer  the method :   asDate


						^ Date today

	3) The class 		Integer  		don't implementer  the method: printStringHex

					 "returns the hex digit part of the integer when printed in hexadecimal format. 30 printStringHex '1E' 30 hex '16r1E' "

					 ^self printStringBase: 16

	4) Gemstone don't implement a Timespan 	subclass	 Date   as into  Pharo

		 Instances of Date are Timespans with duration of 1 day.

		I don't find any equivalent class into Gemstone.


	Thanks for any considerations.


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