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> Dale,
> Finally i went through the installation process with Ubuntu 14.04.
> A couple of question:
> * I have couple of minor corrections to
> "https://github.com/GsDevKit/gsDevKitHome/issues/22", do you want to
> comment
> this in the issue page directly ?

Yes, please...

> * At the end of the process no GUI startup, the last message i got:
> "aText for '[173821185 sz:9 TDObjectGatewayNode]
> /home/'bruno at ubuntu:~/gsDevKitBruno"

If you have the GS_TRAVIS env var set, the you should have seen a  message
"skipping $GS_HOME/bin/todeClient" .. I guess I need more of the output to
get some context...

> I should try to open up the GUI ? or try to connect from a remote client ?

If you have X installed on the server, then you can run `todeClient` on the
server. If you have X and ssh installed, you can `ssh -X` into the server
and when you run `todeClient` on the server, tODE will come up on your
local server ... If you on on a LAN the performance of X should be
acceptable ... if the server is located over a WAN, then you will want to
connect a remote client .... in this case you will want to keep your
gsDevKitHome checkins in synch (you'll share the $GS_HOME/tode/client
directory primarily).

> Otherthing is that gslist command is not found.
In order to run gslist, you need to have a $GEMSTONE/bin in your path and
you get that by doing something like `source

It looks like thoughtpolice have a few CentOs vms available, so I don't
have any excuses for now trying things out on CenTos, but it seems that
you're going with Ubuntu now?

[1] http://www.thoughtpolice.co.uk/

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