[Glass] Jade version 24-Feb-2014

James Foster james.foster at gemtalksystems.com
Mon Feb 24 16:53:25 PST 2014


* fix walkback when initializing undefined server object
* fix walkback when releasing OOPs after logout
* remove unused temp variable to avoid fatal warning (Gerhard)
* add a few options for finding an initial line to select when the debugger opens
* minor refactoring to remove dead code in error reporting
* apply styling to class definition and original method (as well as method editor) (Richard)
* attempt to avoid update to system browser when opening a debugger in front of it
* rename some temp variables
* refactorings to consolidate duplicate code
* select superclass after deleting a class (Marten)
* refactor and fix problems with identifying step points and break points in 64-bit 3.x code

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