[Glass] Help defining gemstone users for a multi-user app

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On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 1:34 PM, Dale K. Henrichs <
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> If you are going to share code between users, then I would suggest that
> you start by installing the GLASS/seaside code into a SymbolList that is
> not UserGlobals and perhaps even use a Gemstone user that is not
> DataCurator.
> The attached script creates a 'glass' user with the same permissions as
> DataCurator and loads the GLASS code  (starting with a
> $GEMSTONE/bin/extent0.dbf) into a GLASS SymbolDictionary.
> Once you've done this, you can arrange to install the glass users's #GLASS
> SymbolDictionary into another users SymbolList and thus share the code ...
> The `web` user will have to have write permission on all of the slots of
> the Seaside code, so it might make sense to load the seaside code into the
> `web` users space directory ...
Hi Dale. This sentence "so it might make sense to load the seaside code
into the `web` users space directory" confuses me.
So..say I have just created the user 'glass' with the provided script. I
have loaded all GLASS and all my code in a SystemDictionary called 'GLASS'.
Cool, so far so good. So now I need to add this SystemDictionary into the
'web' user. That seems fine as well. I guess a simple #at:put:.  I do
understand I need to give write access to 'GLASS' to the web user. But I
don't get why it would make sense to load seaside code into 'web' uses
space. You mean to load all 'GLASS' and all my code directly into the web
user instead than in 'glass' symbolList?  Of course, to do this I need to
do it with the admin user ('glass' in this example) because otherwise my
web user doesn't have permission to load code. if that is what you mean,

1) how can I load code into UserGlobals of user 'web' while I am connected
to topaz with 'glass' user ?
2) If I load glass and my code into the web user UserGlobal. Would the
DataCurator have access to it? I guess yes because that user is the one
that load it at the first time ;)

Thanks in advance!!

> I have to get ready for work right now, so the additional instructions
> will have to wait:)
> In the meantime, though I would like to better understand the rationale
> for separate GemStone users ... things will be much simpler if you done
> have separate users, so I would think that you'd need a good reason for the
> extra hassle:)
> A diagram of the shared and isolated data would help me understand how the
> code/users/data should be structured ...
> Dale
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> Hi guys. I am finding troubles to understand how should I organize my
> users and UserGlobals for my app.
> I want to have a user like DataCurator, let's say 'MyAppAdmin' that is
> allowed to create classes, update code, connect to GemTools, and other
> stuff. Then, I want a normal user (without any privilege) say
> 'MyAppWebUser' and the seaside gems of my app will be run with such a user.
> So....how can I define these 2 users? I guess I can create a user and
> assign the DataCuratorGroup or policy. Is there anything specially
> recommended for this? (how to create a typical "admin" user)
> Anyway... still..each of these users will have their own UserGlobals. If I
> load the code with 'MyAppAdmin' then it will be in the UserGlobals of that
> user and not available to 'MyAppWebUser'. What do I need to do? Put
> everything under Published list instead of UserGlobals?   So basically, I
> am asking how can I have an admin user and a none-admin both sharing the
> same UserGlobals (or similar).
> Thanks in advance,
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