[Glass] run topaz from bash and have access to arguments from topaz smalltalk

Ralph Mauersberger ralph.mauersberger at ewetel.de
Tue Jan 14 23:48:51 PST 2014

>     Just as addition and independent of the here documents approach:
>     Another way to access the shell script arguments would be to
>     export them to the environment and access them via
>     System>>gemEnvironmentVariable:. So the following should also work:
>     #!/bin/bash
>     export MYARG=$1
>     topaz -l <<EOF
>     set gems seaside user DataCurator pass swordfish
>     login
>     printIt
>     'The first argument was: ', (System gemEnvironmentVariable: 'MYARG')
>     %
>     exit
>     EOF
> Ok,  (System gemEnvironmentVariable: 'MYARG') is answering nil ... 
> however.....System performOnServer: 'echo $MYARG'  does answer correctly. 
> weird...
Hmm, really strange. I have no idea. The example above works as expected 
for me. I tested on a non-GLASS GemStone/S 64 (SPARC Solaris). 
So maybe a bug in a recent GS 3.x or whatever version you are using?
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