[Glass] Two versions of the same classes ...

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Sun Jan 19 03:50:28 PST 2014

Now I'm stopped with the development:

Jade shows me two versions of the same class - when I remove prior
versions of that class the (0/2)-versioned classes go away - but I can
not recompile that class because jadeServer throws an error:

sbClassFrom: anOrderedCollection

	| selectedClassName selectedClassOop set myClass |
	selectedClassName := (anOrderedCollection removeFirst subStrings:
Character space) first.
	selectedClassOop := anOrderedCollection removeFirst asNumber.
	set := IdentitySet new.
	self symbolList do: [:eachDict |
		eachDict do: [:eachGlobal |
			eachGlobal isBehavior ifTrue: [
				set addAll: (self historyOf: eachGlobal).
	myClass := set detect: [:each | each asOop = selectedClassOop].
	myClass name asString = selectedClassName ifFalse: [self error: 'Class
not found!'].
	anOrderedCollection removeFirst = 'classTab' ifTrue: [myClass :=
myClass class].

The statement

 myClass := set detect: [:each | each asOop = selectedClassOop].

does not find any class any more. I can instantiate the class - but I
can not change the class configurations (by the way: the a dbTransient

Any idea how to go on ? Otherwise I would remove the database and
reinstall the whole system again ... :-(

Marten Feldtmann

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