[Glass] gc related to cache size

Leo De Marco (Smalltalking) leo at smalltalking.net
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Sorry, the script for clean up cache is:


ObjectLogEntry emptyLog.

MCRepositoryGroup default repositoriesDo: [:rep | rep flushCache ].

MCDefinition clearInstances.

MCMethodDefinition cachedDefinitions  removeKeys:

    (MCMethodDefinition cachedDefinitions keys).

MCMethodDefinition shutDown.

MethodVersionHistory uniqueInstance cleanUp.





SystemRepository markForCollection




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I'm not familiar with the "cache is too big" condition .... what error
message do you get?


On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 10:35 AM, <leo at smalltalking.net> wrote:

Hi all!


I have a script for garbage collect that runs every day at night in my
maintenance plan. But sometimes the cache is too big before that script run,
so I have to manually execute the script.


There is a way to automatically perform the script when cache size reach
some predefine number?


thnks in advance!


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