[Glass] GS Fatal Internal Error, 5015, 15621, IO Error (RepRead Error)

pieter at nagel.co.za pieter at nagel.co.za
Mon Jul 7 01:47:09 PDT 2014

These fatal errors are still going on. so far it affects only development
and staging repositories, so we can work around it, but we're growing
increasingly nervous that it might hit production as well.

To recap: repositories are becoming randomly corrupted into a state where
any meaningfull Smalltalk evaluation causes topaz to dump errors like:

RepRead Error hdr.pageId 0 != pageId
GemStone: Error         Fatal
Please report to your GemStone Administrator:  Fatal Internal Error,
5015, 14635, IO Error
Error Category: 231169 [Internal Fatal] Number: 4126  Arg Count: 3 Context
: 20 exception : 20
Arg 1: 40122
Arg 2: 117082
Arg 3: 20

These bugs seem to be random. Rebuilding a clean development extent will
fail one time and pass the next even though there are no changes to the
code that is being filed in on top a virgin exten0.dbf in the two
situations. Sometimes reboots inbetween seem to be needed for the problem
to go away.

Any advice for getting to the bottom of this?

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