[Glass] System unstable after crash

Leonardo Andres De Marco leo at smalltalking.net
Fri Jul 18 07:08:15 PDT 2014


Yesterday we have a system crash situation when tranlog disk reach 100%.
That normally happend when the mantainance crontab task have some problem
or when the system day activity is more heavy than expected.

Anyway, after that situation we execute the mantainance script, delete old
tranlogs files and then restart gemstone and all is good again.

This time, when we do that we recive some errors (see attachments) and we
fail to make it work, we try also start gemstone in restore mode
(startstone -R) and make a commitRestore (after we delete all tranlogs
files) to close all transactions and syncronize again the extent with the
tranlogs. Again, the operation succeded but when we try to use the system,
we recive the same errors. Also, if you refresh the page, the system is
good again, it seems like a session problem but we not undestand where to
look, some ideas?

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