[Glass] How to deal with timeouts, fastcgi and what is the expected behavior?

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Fri Jul 18 09:31:13 PDT 2014

On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 9:06 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck <
marianopeck at gmail.com> wrote:
> Maybe I can let the "error" option but remove "timeout". That way, maybe,
> it will only forward upon a gem crash and not timeout. I will try this and
> let you know.
> In the meanwhile...do you know how does nginx does the assignment of a
> request to the particular upstream?  it is a plain round robin or smarter?
> Imagine I have some gems that are idle and some that are busy (already
> processing a request). Would nginx simply forward to the next one (when a
> request arrives) or is it smart to look for those that are idle?

I'm not familiar with nginx, but back when I was testing apache and
lightppd, I observed that lightppd was pretty good at round robining
requests to idle gems ... I assume that nginx is simlarly well-behaved ...

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