[Glass] GS Fatal Internal Error, 5015, 15621, IO Error (RepRead Error)

Pieter Nagel pieter at nagel.co.za
Thu Mar 27 07:00:55 PDT 2014

My development repository occasionally gets into a state where the session
dies and GemTools tells me "Please report to your GemStone Administrator: 
Fatal Internal Error, 5015, 15621, IO Error" when running certain
Smalltalk expressions or doing a search for strings in source. Same in Topaz.

This persists across restarting the stone, I need to rebuild the extent
from scratch.

The only strange thing I did is "WAFastCGIAdaptor startOn: 8383" which I
then needed to interrupt by pressing ALT-. Thereafter any Smalltalk, even
just evaluating '1' would cause a stacktrace which I hope to reproduce
here when it happens again.

Logfile produced by using GEM_HALT_ON_ERROR = 4126 attached.

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