[Glass] Garbage Collection , maintenance gem and typical seaside app

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Thu May 8 08:24:57 PDT 2014

Hi GemStoners,

I tried not to pay attention that much in the first steps on my GemStone
project. But now, it is time to investigate this. I have read all the
chapters about GC, but I have a few questions.

>From what I understand, I am running one admingcgem and one reclaimgcgem
which start automatically with the stone. Since my repository/app is still
small, I think that's enough for the moment.

Now, what what I understand, the reclaim part is worthless if there is no
"mark" part. I do know I have #markForCollection, but the first question
is:  Does GemStone ever run internally/automatically a full mark pass? Like
in Pharo..like besides having #garbageCollection, Pharo itself sometimes
run the GC. So...GemStone does that or if I don't invoke it (as a
sysadmin), it will never be?

GLASS comes with nice seaside scripts to start/stop gems and also a
maintenance gem which calls WAGemStoneMaintenanceTask. This class, from
what I can see, it does seaside session expiration and MFC. So....second
question... if I have this VM running...then I wouldn't need to explicitly
run a MFC as part of a cron job, right?

I have been facing/reading a problem in which some seaside gems (or
maintenance VM) could hold into objects preventing them from being GCed. As
a workaround, Dale suggested to reset gems every in a while or
increase the GEM_TEMPOBJ_POMGEN_PRUNE_ON_VOTE=90; which in my case it
is already 90. So
ok...imagine I have a daily script / cron that resets all seaside gems and
maintenance gem. That's all I would have to do right? because soon after
(less than 1 hours), my maintenance gem will run MFC and then at some point
the reclaim GC will do their work. I am correct?
Even if that's try, if I run the "reset" of the seaside gems at a strange
hour (like 4 am), I may want to even force a MFC and a #reclaimAll, right?
Even if I know they would happen automatically in the future, I may prefer
to pay its cost/time at 4 am. Would this make sense?

Finally...what's your opinion about epochGC for a typical Seaside app? I
know there is a lot of trade-offs and it depends on the app...but as a
general option, I found it strange to be disabled by default in GLASS.

Thanks for the clarification,

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