[Glass] Garbage Collection , maintenance gem and typical seaside app

Otto Behrens otto at finworks.biz
Fri May 9 00:32:59 PDT 2014

Thanks, Dale.

> For Seaside we know that there is a lot of persistent session state that
> expires every 10 minutes (or whatever your expiry is) and is naturally
> short-lived.
> This is all about managing repository size and we know that there can be
> significant repository growth due to session state (the magnitude of the
> growth is dependent upon the number of requests per second)... so the
> frequency of the epoch should be based upon how much repository growth you
> are willing to live with ...
> Epoch gc is not 100% effective in cleaning up short-lived objects. Those
> objects whose lifetimes span the epoch boundaries are not going to be
> collected by epoch gc, so the longer the period between epochs the higher
> your effective rate.

Yes, I think this is the most sensible setup since the expired session
state objects are short lived. We find that it is effective enough as
it cleans out most of the session state garbage.

> For SS3 I think I run an MFC twice a day and run an epoch every hour and for
> that site, the repository size stays pretty steady state ...
> As a final note, you want to keep an eye on your Object Log ... if you have
> a lot of continuations in your object log, you end keeping an even larger
> number of objects alive ... it is a good practice to  remove the
> continuations from your object log on a regular basis or simply clear the
> object log on a regular basis...

Thanks, will have a look at a few of these things.

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