[Glass] Gemstone setup for coming months

Dario Trussardi dario.trussardi at tiscali.it
Fri May 30 06:43:43 PDT 2014


	i have a Pharo1.4	with Seaside 3.0 application   to port  into GLASS.

	Now i have a server where run Gemstone  with Seaside 3.0.

	The last year it works fine.
	My questions is:  	i can rely on this release ?

	Or as minimum i need to load Gemstone ?

	If yes; 	i can migrate from to ?

	Alternatively, i read about new Gemstone 3.2,

	but i don't understand which Seaside version i can run on it without problem.

	I have to define a valid configuration for the coming months.

	Any considerations is  welcome,



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