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Thu Nov 6 02:14:38 PST 2014

Ciao Dale,

> Dario,
> At the end of the day, I think that you should load the latest version of Metacello[1] and then use `Metacello new` for loading things ... once you start using `Metacello new` and get an error we can track down versions reliably ... the utf8 issue is most likely fixed in a later version of FileTree[2] and you should use the latest version for FileTree as well
> Dale
> [1] https://github.com/dalehenrich/metacello-work#pharo-older-than-pharo30
> [2] https://github.com/dalehenrich/filetree#installing

I update Pharo1.4  ( based on Seaside   3.1.0-gemstone )

	with  [ 1 ] 

  The system when i load	 ((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfMetacello) project 
							  version: #'previewBootstrap') load. 

	returns the error :  	Name not found 		Seaside-Tools-Core 

The following command work well in any case

	"Load the Preview version of Metacello from GitHub"
	(Smalltalk at: #Metacello) new
	  configuration: 'MetacelloPreview';
 	 version: #stable;
 	 repository: 'github://dalehenrich/metacello-work:configuration';
	"Now load latest version of Metacello"
	Metacello new
	  baseline: 'Metacello';
	  repository: 'github://dalehenrich/metacello-work:master/repository';
	Metacello new
	  baseline: 'Metacello';
	  repository: 'github://dalehenrich/metacello-work:master/repository';
	  onConflict: [:ex | ex allow];

After [ 2 ]  the		 ( ConfigurationOfFileTree project currentVersion )  answer:	   >= [ConfigurationOfFileTree]

Into Gemstone   i do:

	Gofer new
 		 package: 'GsUpgrader-Core';
		  url: 'http://ss3.gemtalksystems.com/ss/gsUpgrader';
		(Smalltalk at: #GsUpgrader) upgradeMetacello. 

		(Smalltalk at: #Metacello) new
		  baseline: 'FileTree';
		  repository: 'github://dalehenrich/filetree:gemstone2.4/repository';

After ( ConfigurationOfFileTree project currentVersion )   answer: 	>= [ConfigurationOfFileTree] 

Now after update the system returns the same error

>>> 	When i work on package istance from Gemtools Monticello ( browse or  load command ) 	the system erase the error:
>>> 	a ArgumentError occurred (error 2718), string contents are ill-formed Utf8 at byte offset 38,  -  G/S[MonvisoGruppi3104 IP100 *******:3]

The string decodeFromUTF8 begin with:

'    Mac OS X            	   2  °     â  
TEXTR*ch                          ATTRT1é  â   x                                                                                             

What i can do now for helping?


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