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Fri Nov 7 05:25:42 PST 2014

Ciao Dale,

	i work around this.

> Now after update the system returns the same error
>>>> 	When i work on package istance from Gemtools Monticello ( browse or  load command ) 	the system erase the error:
>>>> 	a ArgumentError occurred (error 2718), string contents are ill-formed Utf8 at byte offset 38,  -  G/S[MonvisoGruppi3104 IP100 *******:3]
> Now that you're using the latest version of FileTree on both sides and you are still getting the error, we can eliminate the known problems (but it is still possible that the package was produced by erroneous code) ...
> The string decodeFromUTF8 begin with:
> Ah you've got a handle on the utf8 bytes. Please send me the undecoded utf8 string so that I can figure out what might be going wrong.

	The problem is because the system wrong the reference name of the file when it work on package save from Pharo fileTree.

	Into GLASS Monticello,

		in this case the methodEntry name begins with   < ._ > follow the name of the method,   and consequently the system don't found the specific file.

	I change for testing:  see  *****  and all works fine


addMethodDefinitionsForClass: className methodProperties: methodProperties in: entries

    do: [ :entry | 
      | classIsMeta |
      classIsMeta := false.
      entry name = 'class'
        ifTrue: [ classIsMeta := true ].
      (entry name = 'instance' or: [ entry name = 'class' ])
        ifTrue: [ 
          ((self fileUtils directoryFromEntry: entry) entries
            select: [ :each | each name endsWith: '.st' ])
            do: [ :methodEntry | 
*******		( methodEntry name beginsWith: #($.) ) ifTrue:[ methodEntry name: ( methodEntry name copyFrom: 3 to: methodEntry name size) .  ].
                readStreamDo: [ :fileStream | 
                  | category source timestamp self


	A don't  search where the system creates the error,

	but i hope this considerations is enough for solving this problem.

	Two other consideration:

		fileTree save from Pharo     is load into 	 GLASS Monticello 	without authorization problem.

		fileTree save from GLASS Monticello   can not load into Pharo.

			In this case the Pharo Monticello report for the package saved with GALSS Monticello : 	 fabricated from a Cypress format repository

			In the server GLASS Monticello   create the fileTree structures   without group authorization  and Pharo can't load it.

		 How i can solve this ?  ( i can't change it directly each time )



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