[Glass] FileSystem ported to GemStone yet?

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> Has FileSystem been ported to GemStone yet?
> Or is there some other library that helps with maintaining portability of
> Pharo Seaside code (which uses FileReferences) vs GemStone code (which
> still uses FileDirectories)?

As far as I know, no, it hasn't been ported yet. I think in the past, Dale
ported a version but soon after, Pharo changed the FileLibrary again and
the port got "outdated". But I might be wrong.

What I am doing (and I know some others as well), is to have a Portability
class which 2 concrete subclasses, one for Pharo, one for GemStone. Each
implements the abstract methods of the superclass according to their

If you want I can share with you my compatibility classes...they were based
(but I changed/added more stuff) on ones from Dale (I don't remember if
they were for Monticello or Git..) and ones from Sven (I think they were
for Zinc, but not sure).

I also have an extended "GemStone Compatibility" package that adds more
extension methods to GemStone base classes so that things that work in
Pharo do work too in GemStone.

Let me know if you want anything.


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