[Glass] Jade 1.059: package extension naming ...

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Wed Nov 26 22:36:40 PST 2014

Something has changed in the behaviour of recognizing, that an extension
has changed.

If I have a package named "Hallo" and "HalloExtension" and I add a
method category "*HalloExtension" to a class defined in "Hallo" and add
a method to that category, the system will not make any package "black"
(= changed).

If I add a category "*halloextension" the system works as in in earlier
releases: the extension is "blacked".

The problem for me is: I have lots of extensions with upper/lower cased
conventions and I assume if I add methods to these already defined
extension method categories in various classes the system will NOW not
recognize, that the message belongs to an extension.

Perhaps it may even get lost ... because it is not exported at all ???

And another wish I have since I use Squeak/Pharo/Jade: is there any hope
to get rid of this Squeak/Pharo-introduced brain damaged extension
management in the system browser ?

Or another question: what is the correct way to have an overview of the
content of an extension package ?

How it could be done better: look at the application browser of
VASmalltalk. They did it right ...


Marten Feldtmann

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