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My suspicion is that the compiled method referred to a class A that did not have method #’x:’. How could that happen? If you had a class A but removed it and created a new A, then the compiled method would still refer to the removed class. Recompiling the method did the lookup over again and found the new A.


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> Today I had a very strange error in one of our development platforms:
> Assume a class named "A" containing an instance method: "x:".
> In lots of methods I create instances of class "A" and set the attribute
> values via "x:" like:
>  ^A new initialize
>    ... ;
>    x: aValue ;
>    ...;
>    yourself
> And ALL methods calling "x:" are now not working any more. Gemstone
> tells me, that x: can not be found. Executing the code in a workspace
> works without problems.
> To get rid of this error I enter the source code, add a space, recompile
> the method and now "x:" can be called without problems.
> Marten
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