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I assume that you are using 3.2.2?

References to classes (all globals actually) are compiled into methods as
references to the association from the SymbolDictionary in which the class

To get the behavior that you are describing: workspace evaluation works,
pre-compiled evaluation does not; implies that an association for a new
version of the class has been created. New association because the old
association is embedded in the compiled method. New version of the class
because the method x: is missing in the "old version" and present in the
"new version".

I can think of three ways that this can happen:

  1. remove and add class at some point during the development process.
  2. add new version of the class to a different symbol dictionary.
  3. if the association is invariant, then a direct reference to the class
is compiled into the method.

Do any of these things ring a bell?


On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 4:15 AM, itlists at schrievkrom.de via Glass <
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> Today I had a very strange error in one of our development platforms:
> Assume a class named "A" containing an instance method: "x:".
> In lots of methods I create instances of class "A" and set the attribute
> values via "x:" like:
>   ^A new initialize
>     ... ;
>     x: aValue ;
>     ...;
>     yourself
> And ALL methods calling "x:" are now not working any more. Gemstone
> tells me, that x: can not be found. Executing the code in a workspace
> works without problems.
> To get rid of this error I enter the source code, add a space, recompile
> the method and now "x:" can be called without problems.
> Marten
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