[Glass] Where is the rest of the CPU time spent when using ProfMonit?

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Mon Oct 27 12:48:40 PDT 2014

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> Hi guys,
> I am profiling something that is slow, using the ProfMonit. What I don't
> understand is the following:
> ================
> *elapsed CPU time:    12585 ms*
> monitoring interval: 10.0 ms
> reporting down to: 1 hits
>  *100.0% (1097)* JadeServer           >> doIt:in:
>    100.0% (1097) JadeServer           >> evaluate:inContext:
>       100.0% (1097) String               >> evaluateInContext:symbolList:
>          100.0% (1097) executed code        [UndefinedObject]

I don't often use this format (It's created from ProfMonitorTree) to look
at results (I have a Profile Monitory in tODE that I prefer to use since I
can view method source, callers and senders breakdown), but reading through
the code it looks like the value in parens is the tally or the count of
samples in which the method showed up on the stack ... so presumably there
were 1097 samples (and at 10ms per sample we're in the neighborhood)...

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