[Glass] GRPlatform current deprecationExceptionSet is returning an Array not an ExceptionSet

Jupiter Jones via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Mon Sep 1 15:38:59 PDT 2014

Hi tODE users,

I’ve had an issue with a fresh installed seaside through tODE whereby clicking on anything in the /config app throws the following exception:

a ArgumentTypeError occurred (error 2094), reason:rtErrBadArgKind, for anArray expected a ExceptionSet

This appears to be because "GRPlatform current deprecationExceptionSet” is returning an Array rather than an ExceptionSet.

I’m sure this is the same process I’ve been using since I started playing with tODE so maybe Grease has been updated in the last week?

To recreate and test I’ve started from a fresh GsDevKit...

installServer test 3.2.2
$gsDevKitHome/projects/seaside31/createProjectEntry test Zinc FastCGI
…then in tODE…
project load Seaside3
/home/seaside/webServer —register=zinc —port=8383 —start

browse "http://localhost:8383/config” and click on anything.

It’s a simple fix
GRPlatform deprecationExceptionSet
  "Answer the exception set that should considered besides WADeprecation."
  ^ ExceptionSet new

…and everything works as expected.



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