[Glass] My extent0.dbf also grows ...

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Sat Aug 22 23:51:08 PDT 2015


I've also problems with the size of my extent0.dbf. Within several hours
(running our tests) the extents grows to more than 20 GB in size.

I'm not using Seaside, but just Zinc as REST server. The tests are doing
no big real data creation, but more or less only movements of objects
around (the database world).

The ObjectLog has only 3000 entries (created by me) - therefore not
really much data. The database seems to be pretty empty:

SystemRepository fileSize      21.298.675.712
SystemRepository freeSpace     20.171.669.504

We are producing lots of HTTP requests and lots of transactions with our
test tools.

I've not investigated much in this area - and I start the stone via
normal startStone script - nothing else.

Any idea ?


Marten Feldtmann

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