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> On 11/26/2015 09:12 AM, Trussardi Dario Romano via Glass wrote:
>> Ciao,
>> 	i'm ready to revision some code relative to Seaside application.
>> 	My goal is to do this work into Pharo 4.0  and after port all to the Gemstone GLASS environment: GsDevKit_home
>> 	The GsDevKit/Seaside31	 Releases	report the  as last version installable into Gemstone.
>> 	Considering i need to port all to GLASS ( not tomorrow, but in the next months )
>> 	what version of Seaside  and Magritte are the most suitable to load into Pharo?
>> 	Another question:	i can load Pier3 and Pier3AddOns into the last GLASS version?
> I know that in the past I have been able to load Pier3.0.0 into recent versions of GLASS/GsDevKit, but I'm pretty sure that Pier3.0.0 needs to use Seaside3.0.8 ... since you are planning on using Seaside3.1, we'd have to port a newer version of Pier to GemStone ... 
> Now it looks like the latest version of Pier is at 3.1.1 and it requires Magritte3.1 (or later?), but it looks to be using Pillar instead of Pier so it may be a bit of a stretch to port Pillar to GemStone unless it shares the Pier classes ...
> Pier 3.0.1 appears to use Seaside3.1 and Magrritte3.1 and since I know that Magritte3.2 passes tests on GemStone, it is highly likely that PIer3.0.1 can be ported to GemStone without too much work ...
> If you are looking to use Pier3.0.1 I can probably take a pass at getting PIer3.0.1 to work in the most recent versions of GLASS/GsDevKit ...
> If you are interested in PIllar, then I can take a pass at getting it to work in GLASS/GsDevKit as well ..
> Let me know which one you are interested in using ...

	I'm interested to using 	Pier 	and  Pier3AddOns

	I have do some test to load these packages into a new Pharo 4.0 image.

	My conclusions as are reported  into Magritte list:

		A) into Pharo 4.0 i load:

		( ConfigurationOfSeaside3 project version: #'release3.1' )

		( ConfigurationOfMagritte3 project version: #'release3.5' ) 

		( ConfigurationOfPier3 project version: #'release3.0' ) 

		With these the	 pier web applications  	work fine.

		B) I don't load:

		( ConfigurationOfMagritte3AddOns project version: #'release3.1' )

			what it implemented ?  ( i don't remember )

		( ConfigurationOfPier3AddOns project version: #'release3.X' )

			if i right understand it's not  port - supported  into the new ' Pier release' .

			Someone is working on it  ?

	Now how i wrote before, my goal at the end, is to port ( in the next months ) the code-application into a new valid Gemstone environment.

	I remember in the past, i had some problem to setup the compatible developments environment  ( Pharo - GLASS )

	i hope  that  the  conclusions at point A) 	  is a good starting reference.


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