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I have a correction regarding the "default install" during a project 
load ...

I said that `project load` does a `project install` by default. The 
`project install` is only executed if you use the `--url` option:

|project load --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside3.ston

or the `--install` option:

   project load --install Seaside3

On 11/26/15 11:16 AM, Dale Henrichs wrote:
> Hey Jupiter,
> I've got limited time today since its Thanksgiving and I'm tap to make 
> some pies ... and of course eat lots of turkey .... and watch football:)
> I've in-lined my responses below ...
> On 11/26/15 1:18 AM, Jupiter Jones via Glass wrote:
>> Hi Dale,
>> I’m going through the process of installing GS on AWS for testing and 
>> tinkering with the install and monitoring scripts. It’s the first 
>> time I’ve had a chance to properly experience the new tODE directory 
>> layout.
>> I’ve documented my process below as I think there are some outdated 
>> links in the docs, but I thought I’d check with you first. I can help 
>> with cleaning up the docs once I’ve completed this setup and have a 
>> better understanding.
>> - should I be following the Seaside instructions in 
>> GsDevKit_seaside31 or in GsDevKit/Seaside31 (I’m guessing the former)
> Yes GsDevKit_seaside31 is intended to line up with the new directory 
> structure ... I ran out of time in the run-up to the Smalltalks talk 
> to put the finishing touches on GsDevKit_seaside31, but the basics 
> should be sound.
>> - for Magritte3, ServiceVM, Cryptography, etc. should I follow the 
>> http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/
>> I’m guessing that these projects will also be migrated to the new 
>> format as time allows?
> Yes, you will get the basic project entry from 
> http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/. I'm on the fence as to 
> whether I should do an GsDevKit_ project for Magritte3, etc. or just 
> includeupdate the tode artifacts in the existing projects. I did 
> GsDevKit_seaside31 separately so that I could experiment a bit without 
> perturbing the Seaside31 project itself and it is still in a bit of flux
>> - I’m installing seaside into an existing GsDevKit (i.e. not using 
>> installSeasideServer). How should I mount the seaside project in 
>> tODE? mount "$GS_HOME/etc/GsDevKit_seaside3/tode /home seaside" ? 
>> Where is the preferred location to mount it?
> The seasideCreateStone bash script[1] has the magic incantation for 
> mounting and downloading the project entry with these tODE commands:
>   mount $GS_HOME/etc/GsDevKit_seaside31/tode /home seaside
>   project entry 
> --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside31.ston 
> /sys/local/server/projects
> and the mount command above creates a directory node named seaside in 
> the /home directory for tode ... which is the right spot.
> [1] 
> https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_seaside31/blob/master/bin/seasideCreateStone#L63
>> - I noticed in the GsDevKit_home/bin/seasideCreateStone the line:
>> project entry 
>> --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside31.ston 
>> /sys/local/server/projects
>> …is that correct? Should the Seaside3.ston be in the 
>> GsDevKit_seaside31 repo? There is both a Seaside3.ston and a 
>> Seaside31.ston located there. They are identical.
> I created two entries with the expectation that when Seaside3.2 is 
> released I will create a Seaside32.ston and then change Seaside3.ston 
> to point at Seaside3.2 ... that way there is some level of 
> choice/control over which version of Seaside you want to use and 
> giving a person just coming to Seaside the opportunity to start with 
> the latest version ... this will greatly simplify a lot of the 
> documentation ...
>> That’s it for now - I appreciate any direction.
>> Cheers,
>> Jupiter
>> My experience so far…
>> Client and Server installation was flawless :)
>> Then came installing Seaside based on these instructions:
>> https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_seaside31/blob/master/docs/installation/loadSeasideProject.md
>> |project install 
>> --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside3.ston|
>> |
>> went well, however it didn’t leave me with anything in $GS_HOME/etc 
>> so the next command failed:
>> |
>> |
>> |export PATH=$GS_HOME/etc/GsDevKit_seaside31/bin:$PATH|
>> |
> |Yeah this is just a failure in keeping the docs up-to-date with the 
> scripts as I was making last minute changes --- the github.io 
> downloads for the project entries and the installScript: field was 
> invented a week before I left for Smalltalks and since coming back 
> I've been busy incorporating feedback for GSDevKit_home ... ah well 
> ... If I'm not mistaken the missing piece here is that I expected you 
> to clone the GsDevKit_home project in $GS_HOME/etc/...
>> I followed the install command to: 
>> http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/
>> And tried "project load Seaside3" which performed the installation in 
>> GS. I then made some additions the the project entry to load FastCGI 
>> and a couple of other things and loaded again. All good.
>> I followed the link on that page to the GsDevKit Project: 
>> https://github.com/GsDevKit/Seaside31
>> …however I figured that was out of date, and I should actually be 
>> looking at https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_seaside31
>> I followed the links to installation on GsDevKit_seaside31: 
>> https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_seaside31/blob/master/docs/installation/installSeasideServer.md
>> …and found another installation method that clones the project into 
>> $GS_HOME/etc (that solved that)
>> I’m guessing that the “project install” command above is no longer 
>> the way to install.
> `project install 
> --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside3.ston` is the 
> way that you are supposed to install Seaside3 ... what is confusing 
> here is that we have GsDevKit_Seaside31 that has all of the scripts, 
> but none of the actual Seaside code, so you have to clone 
> GsDevKit_Seaside31 into $GS_HOME/etc, then run seasideCreateStone 
> which does the `mount` and `project install`.
> There are three commands that will download the project from the 
> github.io site:
>   project entry 
> --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside3.ston
>   project install 
> --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside3.ston
>   project load --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside3.ston
> `project entry` simply downloads the project entry to 
> /sys/local/projects. From there you can customize the project entry 
> for both load and install options. If you download with this command 
> then you would install and load by doing the following:
>   project install Seaside3
>   project load Seaside3
> The `project load` command does a `project install` by default.
> `project install` downloads the project entry to /sys/local/projects 
> and runs the install script. From here you can customize the project 
> entry for loading. The install script is the following:
>       project clone --https --local Seaside3
>       project install --local 
> --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/ZincHTTPComponents.ston
>       project install --local 
> --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/GsApplicationTools.ston
> `project clone` command clones the github project to 
> $GS_HOME/shared/repos. The two `project install` downloads and runs 
> the install scripts for Zinc and GsApplicationTools (primarily cloning 
> the GitHub projects).
> After `project install` you load using:
>   project load Seaside2
> `project load` downloads the project entry, runs the install scripts 
> from the project entry  and then loads Seaside3.
> I will be off-line until later this evening, so hopefully this is 
> enough info to get you moving forward...
> Dale
> |

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