[Glass] maintenance_gem.log expired sessions

Trussardi Dario Romano via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Wed Dec 9 03:20:52 PST 2015

	i have a deployment glass environment system ( )

	where i run the Seaside maintenance VM.

	Now the		 maintenance_gem.log 	report:

		hourly :

			--transcript--'Starting markForCollect.: 2015-12-06T03:35:11.58872890472412+01:00'
			--transcript--'Warning: markForCollection found 2569174 live objects, 4553 dead objects(occupying approx 409770 bytes)'
			--transcript--'...finished markForCollect.2015-12-06T03:35:19.36173295974731+01:00'
		every minute:

...Expired: 0 sessions.
...Expired: 20 sessions.
...Expired: 4 sessions.
...Expired: 9 sessions.
...Expired: 3 sessions.
...Expired: 0 sessions.
...Expired: 0 sessions.
...Expired: 0 sessions.
...Expired: 0 sessions.

Now my application open	only two local session  ( DTRWASession  subclass of WASession ) every day.

Where for local i intend on the local network where the Glass server run.

 I don't understand  because the maintenance report some other Expired session.

The maintenance expired session reference to WASession open  or reference- mean to some other thinks?

The system records information about the WASession open and the relative IP request  address   ?

Sessions expired can be related to intrusion attempts from internet?

Thanks for considerations,


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