[Glass] NetLDI issues after installation

Esteban A. Maringolo via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Wed Dec 23 12:23:34 PST 2015

I'm trying to run tODE on a recently installed server in the same host (an
Ubuntu 14 vm)

After installing it everything run perfectly, but I rebooted the OS and now
I can't access the stone from within tODE

tode 1 > project list
Topez ERROR: Error: Unable to create a GemStone session, check netldi log
service not found, on gemstone getaddrinfo(host 'gemstone', service
'devKit_329_ldi') failed
;  service devKit_329_ldi not found ; NetLDI service 'devKit_329_ldi' is not
running on 'gemstone'  For further information about login failures, check
the gem log file

I ran startNetldi and then I got the following ouput:

tode 1 > project install
Topez ERROR: Error: The given Stone Repository monitor cannot be reached,
could not find server 'devKit_329' on host 'gemstone' because file not
found: /opt/gemstone/locks/devKit_329..LCK;  service devKit_329 not found ;
NetLDI service 'gs64ldi' not found on node 'gemstone' port 50377 :
 For further information about login failures, check the gem log file

This is the netldi.log content:
|             GemStone/S64 Object-Oriented Data Management System            
|                   Copyright (C) GemTalk Systems 1986-2015                  
|                            All rights reserved.                            
|    PROGRAM: NETLDI, GemStone Network Daemon                                
|    VERSION: 3.2.12, Tue Dec  8 15:13:39 2015                               
|      BUILD: gss64_3_2_x_branch-38236                                       
|  BUILT FOR: x86-64 (Linux)                                                 
|       MODE: 64 bit                                                         
| RUNNING ON: 1-CPU gemstone x86_64 (Linux 3.16.0-57-generic
| SMP Thu Dec 17 23:20:00 UTC 2015) 2001MB                                   
| PROCESS ID: 2719      DATE: 23/12/15 17:27:54 ART                          
|   USER IDS: REAL=emaringolo (1000) EFFECTIVE=emaringolo (1000)
| (1000)                                                                     
| DATEFORMAT: %d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S %Z                                           
|   GEMSTONE_NRS_ALL = #dir:$GEMSTONE_LOGDIR#log:%N%P.log                    

synthesizing  :: , listening on wildcard
created listening socket for :: on :: port 43778

Internal tables are configured for 1359 concurrent clients.
Server socket devKit_329_ldi (protocol TCP) is created, with a delay of 30
Summary of netldi parameters:
   The host name is 'gemstone'.
   Clients are not authenticated.
   Process creation is permitted through user's HOME directory.
   Created processes belong to the account named 'emaringolo'.
   The default directory for log files is
   The command line is:
      -g -aemaringolo -l
"/home/emaringolo/GsDevKit_home/server/stones/devKit_329/logs/netldi.log " \
Entering Service Loop

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