[Glass] out-of-mem removing elements from indexed RcIdentityBags

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Sat Feb 7 08:24:12 PST 2015

On 2/6/15 11:12 AM, Johan Brichau wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback Dale.
> Yes, we will probably work around this by postponing the actual removal from the collection to a service task. I had been experimenting a little with intermediate commits but then we break the assumption that a request can be fully aborted in the Seaside code.
> With respect to the temp object space size: I’m setting them at 100MB but would it be safe to allocate more, even when the addition of all gems temp object space largely exceeds the machine’s memory? I’m asking in the sense: does the gem release memory back to the OS ? If the gem only uses the amount of memory it requires and releases it back, we could easily handle peak situations too.
Johan, this is a good point. Gems dynamically allocate and deallocate 
real memory based on demand, so you can get away with running gems whose 
total TOC would exceed memory. If you do this, it's probably a good idea 
to make sure that you've allocated swap space to cover for memory 
overruns. The system will run slower if you overflow to swap space, but 
when you run out of swap space Linux starts killing processes ... which 
is annoying:)


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