[Glass] Monit scripts for gemstone?

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Thu Feb 19 12:05:08 PST 2015

> On 19 Feb 2015, at 00:01, Mariano Martinez Peck <marianopeck at gmail.com> wrote:
> Let me re-ask what is the more important question I have.... for that monit timeout  "timeout 40 seconds" I must setup a number like that, or exactly the timeout I define at my web server. For example, I have loooong request (yes, I know, I should be using service VM...but until then..), so my timeout for the upstreams at nginx level is 5 minutes. So which timeout do I need to set here? 5 minutes too?  Or still 40 seconds?

Yes, you should use a service vm :)
Anyway, our nginx timeout is set to 60s and I set the monit timeout always lower than that. 
We stick to the 60s timeout as the hard deadline for any request in Yesplan. Monit might sometimes cut one shorted but this raises an alarm for us to take a look what’s happening and see if we can fix the performance.

> I ask because I don't want the scenario where I am processing a long request (imagine one of 4 minutes) and then monit after 40 seconds thinks the server is down and hence triggers a restar.  So I wonder...is the FastCGI server able to answer the Monit send even if it is processing a request? or the return to Monit will only be once it finishes processing current request?  That might tell me which timeout should I set here.

If you want to allow longer requests, then make sure to set the timeout longer. 
GLASS is made to process only a single seaside request at a time and thus a request will get blocked until the previous one was processed. That includes the monit request.
So, what you say is correct: if a gem is busy processing requests, it will not answer to monit.

That’s how we work right but I have to admit this is still the same way as how we got started a few years ago. I should try to explore if there are better ways, so don’t take my advice for granted :)

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