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>> Another questions:
>> 		i have a ubuntu server with 8GB of memory and the SHR_PAGE_CACHE_SIZE_KB set to 2097152.
>> 		Now the system is load with some date and i think it used all the SHR_PAGE_CACHE.
> Why do you think that the full SHR_PAGE_CACHE is used? Are you looking at statmonitor output with vsd?

	Into a development system i start the statmonitor command and after some web request, 

	i looking the output with the vsd  interface.

	The FreeFrameCount go to 0 when i do some heavy query.

	This means that in this state all the SHR_PAGE_CACHE is used ?
>> 		But when do the login to the system the shell report:     memory usage: 9%
> I think it depends upon what command you get to see the memory usage and on linux, I don't think there is a good way to get memory usage information when shared memory is involved, some bits of memory can get paged out and so on .... 
>> 		The memory usage don't consider the kernel.shm* parameter?
>> 		The 	ipcs -lm     report:
>> 			------ Limiti della memoria condivisa --------
>> 			numero massimo di segmenti = 4096
>> 			dimensione max seg (kbyte) = 6291456
>> 			max total shared memory (kbytes) = 6291456
>> 			dimensione min seg (byte) = 1
> I would say that you should run statmonitor and use vsd to look at the results ...  once you've started the statmonitor, use vsd (an X application) to look at the stat file and I recommend the "Template > New Template Chart > CacheMix" to start with ... there are 100's of stats, and I just don't have the bandwidth to coach folks on the interpretation of the results, but you can check "Show Statistics Info" which will give you documentation to read about each stat when selected in the chart ... 

	I have a gsDevKit glass environment into deployment status.

	It's configured with daemontools service and the:		 gemstone_status 	report:

		/etc/service/gs_maintenance: up (pid 498) 397012 seconds
		/etc/service/gs_seaside-9060: up (pid 492) 397012 seconds
		/etc/service/gs_seaside-9061: up (pid 496) 397012 seconds
		/etc/service/gs_seaside-9062: up (pid 491) 397012 seconds
		/etc/service/gs_seaside-9063: up (pid 497) 397012 seconds
		/etc/service/gs_seaside-9064: up (pid 494) 397012 seconds
		/etc/service/gs_seaside-9065: up (pid 490) 397012 seconds
		/etc/service/gs_statmon-1: up (pid 1612) 396997 seconds
		/etc/service/gs_statmon-60: up (pid 495) 397012 seconds

	Now if i think that		 gs_maintenance   manage the MFC   call  every hour.

	It's right ?

	The statmon-1	and statmon-60 		i think manage the   statmonitor   command.

	But with my surprise into the gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/***name***/stats  subdirectory i don't found any files.

	Any considerations ?


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