[Glass] Newbie on GLASS - Hello world fail

Ezequiel Tolnay via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Sun Sep 20 05:48:57 PDT 2015

Hi all!

I've installed the DevKit [dev branch, thanks Dale for your guidence so
far] in both my server (Debian Wheezy) and my desktop (OSX), and connect
via SSH port forwarding. The seaside gem is now working, the "counter"
examples work well, and I tested introducing a divide by zero error to
debug via continuation and all went well there. So far so good (with a few
hiccups that I managed to resolve on the way).

I'm now attempting the same Seaside tutorial that I did a while ago on
Pharo (boquitas). I'm stuck now in the simplest Hello World. I get an error
in *WAInitialRenderLoopContinuation>>createRoot*:

*(error 2010), a Symbol does not understand #'new'".*

In the freshly installed devKit, the error raises by doing the following:

   1. In tODE workspace:
   -      WAComponent subclass: #HelloWorld
               instanceVariableNames: '' classVariableNames: ''
               poolDictionaries: '' category: 'GLASS'.
      2. Browse to HelloWorld in tODE, and add for it a new protocol called
   "test" (without protocols, adding a new method fails, is this a bug?).
   3. Add new method:
   -      renderContentOn: html
               html heading: 'Hello world!'.
   4. Register the class running this in the tODE workspace:
   -      WAAdmin register: HelloWorld asApplicationAt: 'hello'.
      5. Open seaside on the Internet browser (http://localhost:8383),
   "hello" application is there.
   6. Click on "hello" raises a "does not understand #new" error.

A couple more questions:

   1. after installing via "./installServer devKit" netLDI listens
   in different random ports each time it starts. How do I get it to listen on
   the one in the default gs64ldi port 50377 always instead?
   2. I managed to get GemStone and netLDI to listen in localhost only via
   the config option "STN_LISTENING_ADDRESSES = "::1";" on
   $GS_HOME/gemstone/stones/devKit/extents/system.conf, but couldn't figure
   out how to configure zinc to listen only on localhost. I modified
   *WAGemStoneRunSeasideGems>>startOn:* to "*self adaptorClass startOn:
   port bindingAddressOn: ''*", and created *WAServerAdaptor
   class>>startOn:bindingAddressOn:* as a copy of *>>startOn:*, but
with "*adaptor
   server bindingAddress: aBindingAddress.*" right before "adaptor start".
   Is there a more appropriate way to do this?
   3. The standard Seaside landing page on this installation goes straight
   to the "browse" page, and does not include several of the examples that I
   remember from the default Seaside installation in Pharo, like the ones that
   use make use of JQuery. Is this expected in Gemstone's version or is
   indicative of a partial/failed install?

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