[Glass] Migrating to github

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Mon Sep 21 09:59:43 PDT 2015

On 09/20/2015 07:28 PM, BrunoBB via Glass wrote:
> Dale,
> (The following commands are based on using the latest commit in the dev
> branch of tODE and
> GsDevKitHome  ... and if you aren't already using the dev branches ping for
> additional instructions):
> How i use or switch to dev branch ?
You should probably go over the installation instructions[1], since 
there are some EARLY ADOPTER instructions that you need to follow ...

Be aware that I am planning a restructuring of the gsDevKitHome 
directory/project structure ... while the functionality will be the same 
I _am_ changing the names of the scripts and moving directory 
hierarchies around ... I expect to be done with this phase in a week or 
two - so if you don't want to be bothered again with a change, you might 
wait a bit - I will have instructions for moving from the old to the new 
structure, but change isn't always fun...

> Executing tODE>>tODE Update>>devKit
> tode 1 > script --script=updateTode
> Topez ERROR: ZdcPluginMissing: SSL/TLS plugin initailization failed (VM
> plugin missing ? OS libraries missing ?)
I've seen this happen off and on and it seems that if you guit your 
pharo image and restart you will be able to load ... although I have 
also seen issues that occur when running fresh headless images .... I am 
suspicious that from an interactive pharo vm, tODE may have introduced 
this problem[2], whereas in the headless images, it just seems to be 
Pharo3.0 instability - Pharo 4.0 won't be a priority until I release the 
work on GsDevKit_home and tODE ...

[2] https://github.com/dalehenrich/tode/issues/210
> It is possible to download the tODE client only (dev brach) ?
> The GemStone server is doing ok so i only need to update tODE client :)

Actually, this is exactly what my new restructuring is aimed at .... 
with the restructuring I plan to make it much easier to manage a variety 
of client/tode options without bringing along the entire stone/tode 
structure ...

If this is what you really want to do, then I would think you should 
hold off a bit and when I finish the restructuring you can volunteer to 
take it for a spin ... I said earlier that it would be a week or two, 
but unless I get interrupted with something in the meantime, I really 
expect to be done by the end of the week ...


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