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> Ciao,
>         i have another question about   clone and working with the
> GsDevKit   into a new system.
>         Is it best use the system user profile ( defined at operating
> system installation )    or create a       specific               'glass'
> user  profile ?
I use a specific user .. imagine something called like "glass" or
"yourappname". That user is NOT sudoer, has not ssh login allowed etc etc.
Then I cloned gsDevKit with THAT user (so I had to add ssh keys for it in
github) and the root directory I choosed is  /opt/gsDevKitHome/  since I
also have another  /opt/gemstoneAdditions/ with a bunch of scripts.

My idea was that not every developer should need to clone the gsDevKit in
their own folder. Also, developers may have ssh access etc.
So I prefer to have only one clone, used by a specific none root user, and
then developers that may need to do something with it, they simply do a
"sudo su glass".

But...that being said, since I am running tODE now in my local image, (not
via X11 forward of a todeClient runnin in the server), I barely need to do
anything in /opt/gsDevKit  on the server.

Hope this helps,

>         Thanks for any considerations,
>                 Dario
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