[Glass] Can I get time spent by GC in a given block?

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In 3.3, you can get profile the following attributes (`man pf start` in 
tODE or use ProfMonitor):

     edenUsage    - eden byts used
     execTime      - execution time (cpu or real)
     gcTime          - temp obj memory gc time  (cpu or real)
     objFaults        - object faults
     objCreation    - new object creation
     pageFaults     - page faults

You can only use one option at a time, but I think this gets you pretty 
close in terms of gc time  ... I don't know if it is possible to 
determine gc time based on instances in a block, but you can get profile 
of instance counts of classes in temp obj space:

   System class>>_vmInstanceCountsReport:
   System class>>_vmPrintInstanceCounts:


On 02/26/2016 01:37 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass wrote:
> Or even more ... I would love if I can know the GC time spent on a 
> given closure AND show me the list of classes whose instances took 
> most of the collection?
> thanks!
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