[Glass] Problem with gsDeevKit_home AND seasidea installation

Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Sun Feb 28 05:28:42 PST 2016


Last week I spent some hours trying to help a friend to get gsDevKit_home
working and then try with Seaside. This was in Ubuntu 14.

The first problem we faced is that plenty of executable files were actually
downloaded (cloned via git) without execution permissions. Files inside
/utils did NOT have execution permission. That ended up with a strange
"permission denied" when trying to do the sudo of the install prerequisites
(from installServerClient). I have to manually do chmod +x to files in
Same for /private and for /gsdevkit/sys/default/gsdevkit_bin/ and same for
many other places we faced during installation.

The second problem is that we were not able to create a Seaside server.
Below is the error. I suspect the problem is the seaside project was not
updated to the latest changes of gsDevKit_home (I guess `setupGsDevKit `
changed). This is error:

marciano at marciano-virtual-machine:~/GsDevKit_home$ installServerSeaside -c
https -z 8383 segItemWeb 3.3.0
   GsDevKit script: installServerSeaside -c https -z 8383 segItemWeb 3.3.0
              path: /home/marciano/gsdevkit/etc/GsDevKit_seaside31/bin/

*   GsDevKit script: setupGsDevKit -c https server 3.3.0              path:
/home/marciano/gsdevkit/bin/setupGsDevKit=================wrong number of
arguments (1 expected)*
USAGE: setupGsDevKit [-h] [-c https | ssh ] [-o <organization-name>]

     display help
  -c https | ssh
     clone using https (https://github.com) or ssh (git at github.com).
     https is the default.
  -o <organization-name>
     use <organization-name> instead of GsDevKit. Use this option when
     you've cloned the todeClient project

   setupGsDevKit -h
   setupGsDevKit client
   setupGsDevKit server
   setupGsDevKit both

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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