[Glass] Problem with gsDeevKit_home AND seasidea installation

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Mon Feb 29 13:31:50 PST 2016

Ported GsDevKit_seaside31 to latest version of GsDevKit_home[1].


[1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_seaside31/pull/4

On 2/29/16 9:38 AM, Dale Henrichs wrote:
> On 02/28/2016 05:28 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass wrote:
>> Dale,
>> Last week I spent some hours trying to help a friend to get 
>> gsDevKit_home working and then try with Seaside. This was in Ubuntu 14.
>> The first problem we faced is that plenty of executable files were 
>> actually downloaded (cloned via git) without execution permissions. 
>> Files inside /utils did NOT have execution permission. That ended up 
>> with a strange "permission denied" when trying to do the sudo of the 
>> install prerequisites (from installServerClient). I have to manually 
>> do chmod +x to files in /utils.
>> Same for /private and for /gsdevkit/sys/default/gsdevkit_bin/ and 
>> same for many other places we faced during installation.
> Well I've never see this before ... we are doing a standard `git 
> clone` and git is supposed to preserve the execution permissions on 
> all files perhaps the settings on the user account you are using has 
> some strange umask or other setup that is causing this kind of problem 
> .... With something simple like executable files not being handled 
> correctly I'd not be surprised that there will be additional failures ...
> Using google, it appears that  `git config core.filemode true` might 
> be needed but that implies that your friend may have other odd 
> settings for git, so you might want to look at ~/.gitconfig and see 
> what settings he's got.|
> |
>> The second problem is that we were not able to create a Seaside 
>> server. Below is the error. I suspect the problem is the seaside 
>> project was not updated to the latest changes of gsDevKit_home (I 
>> guess `setupGsDevKit ` changed). This is error:
>> marciano at marciano-virtual-machine:~/GsDevKit_home$ 
>> installServerSeaside -c https -z 8383 segItemWeb 3.3.0
>> =================
>>    GsDevKit script: installServerSeaside -c https -z 8383 segItemWeb 
>> 3.3.0
>>               path: 
>> /home/marciano/gsdevkit/etc/GsDevKit_seaside31/bin/installServerSeaside
>> =================
>> =================
>> *   GsDevKit script: setupGsDevKit -c https server 3.3.0
>>               path: /home/marciano/gsdevkit/bin/setupGsDevKit
>> =================
>> wrong number of arguments (1 expected)*
>> USAGE: setupGsDevKit [-h] [-c https | ssh ] [-o <organization-name>] 
>> client|server|both
>>   -h
>>      display help
>>   -c https | ssh
>>      clone using https (https://github.com) or ssh (git at github.com).
>>      https is the default.
>>   -o <organization-name>
>>      use <organization-name> instead of GsDevKit. Use this option when
>>      you've cloned the todeClient project
>>    setupGsDevKit -h
>>    setupGsDevKit client
>>    setupGsDevKit server
>>    setupGsDevKit both
> This is related to the fact that I haven't got around to porting that 
> project to the latest version of GsDevKit_home ... I will have to run 
> GsDevKit_seaside31 through travis and see what breaks ... I should 
> have a patched version of the project later tonight or tomorrow 
> morning ...
> Dale

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