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You haven't directly answered my first question:

   Do you think that you can resolve the gnutls problem in your 
production server?

You have given me a laundry list of barriers to do a disk copy, but it's 
not clear whether these are perceived problems or problems that you ran 
into in giving the disk copy option a try.

I am interested and willing to try to resolve problems so that you can 
use GsDevKit_home, despite your attitude ("no, thats all too difficult 
and not really serious") all of the problems that you describe are 
surmountable as far as I can tell ....

If symbolic links are a problem, then perhaps rsync is a better option 
since you can preserve links using rsync, as well as control with 
precision exactly what gets copied/updated ...

Regarding the absolute path in the filetree repo, I assume that you are 
referring to a problem with a copied stone? Details are always 
helpful... If so, I don't think it is a good idea to try to copy an 
actual stone as part of this process - I know that a stone is created as 
part of the master branch installServer, but the stone should be deleted 
before copying to your production server. It's better to create the 
stone on the production machine.

Updates _are_ possible, especially if you use rsync. If you are 
concerned about being able to run updateGsDevKit, then it would be 
relatively straightforward to arrange for updateGsDevKit to perform it's 
job without doing a `git pull.

So, if fixing gnutls is not a viable solution, I am willing to work out 
a solution involving rsync  - I kinda like the idea of having a master 
GsDevKit_home for a site, that can be cloned to different servers 
(presumably using rsync), so this would be a solution with broad 

If you are interested in having me take a detailed look at the rsync 
option (if I do the work, then I can deal with the errors first hand), 
just let me know...


On 1/15/16 2:54 PM, Marten Feldtmann wrote:
> Well, that does not really work. There are several links set in the 
> structure of GsDevKit_home and you have to be serious about the flags 
> used together with tar (-h) ... and then somewhere/somehow the 
> absolute path is set in the filetree repository (containing the 
> absolute path of the original system - containing the old user name) - 
> and updates are also not possible due to that ... no, thats all too 
> difficult and not really serious.
>> Dale Henrichs <dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com> hat am 15. Januar 
>> 2016 um 22:11 geschrieben:
>> Hmmm ... do you think that you can resolve the gnutls problem in your 
>> production server?
>> If not ... the whole structure of GsDevKit_home is based on 
>> directories and files, so it is possible to do the GsDevKit_home 
>> `installServer` on a development system, then zip up the directory 
>> structure and unzip on the production server and then run from there ...
>> You could also use rsync to update the directory structure on your 
>> production server ... you'll be testing in a separate environment 
>> form production anyway, so having a functioning git on your 
>> production machine isn't absolutely necessary ...
>> Dale
>> On 1/15/16 12:41 PM, Marten Feldtmann wrote:
>>> Yes, I read about this problem with git and Ubuntu 14.04 ... and for 
>>> the other questions I have to ask my sysadmin -> there was something 
>>> with a firewall (which could also be the reason of the gnutls 
>>> problems - mentioned in other threads) on this system.
>>> This system has no proxy ...
>>> Acually its our production server and I wanted to switch to 
>>> gsdevkit_home ...
>>> The installation fails always on different points - I assume here 
>>> the gnutls problem ... pretty sad.
>>> Marten
>>>> Dale Henrichs via Glass <glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com> 
>>>> <mailto:glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com> hat am 15. Januar 2016 um 
>>>> 20:36 geschrieben:
>>>> This looks like a problem with ssh/git  on your system.
>>>> According to Google, this problem appears to be an issue with the 
>>>> setup of your system[1]...
>>>> Following the links in that question leads to the following 
>>>> information[2]:
>>>>   > Got reason of the problem, it was gnutls package. It's working 
>>>> weird behind a proxy.
>>>> I seem to recall that you have asked questions in the past about 
>>>> proxies --- are you doing this install behind a proxy?
>>>> Also, I would like to have a bit more information about your system:
>>>>   - what os are you running?
>>>>   - did you run the $GS_HOME/bin/utils/installPrereqs script?
>>>>   - did you follow the recommendation for installing ssh[3]?
>>>>   - if you did not follow the recommendation[3], how did you 
>>>> install ssh?
>>>> Can you execute the following command at the bash command line:
>>>>   git clone https://github.com/glassdb/PharoCompatibility.git
>>>> I want the installation process for GsDevKit_home to be as smooth 
>>>> as possible and I appreciate your help in smoothing out the 
>>>> (inevitable) bumps in the road ...
>>>> Dale
>>>> [1] 
>>>> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15665444/git-error-gnutls-handshake-failed-on-push
>>>> [2] 
>>>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/186847/error-gnutls-handshake-failed-when-connecting-to-https-servers
>>>> [3] 
>>>> https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_home/blob/master/docs/osPrereqs/ubuntu14.04.md#install-ssh-recommended
>>>> On 1/15/16 11:01 AM, Marten Feldtmann via Glass wrote:
>>>>> Now the installation is hanging on "Cloning into 'PharoCompatibility':
>>>>> fatal: unable to access 
>>>>> 'https://github.com/glassdb/PharoCompatibility.git/': 
>>>>> gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS packet with unexpected length was 
>>>>> received.
>>>>> I tried to install it via:
>>>>> installServer -c https esystemv4 3.2.12
>>>>> Not much fun, when installation has more to do with luck ...
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